Embroidery Fabric Guide


When selecting a fabric for embroidery, consider a tight weave, a smooth surface, and a stable structure. Cotton, linen, polycotton, canvas, and Aida cloth are excellent options. Avoid fabrics that are slippery, stretchy, delicate, or tough, such as satin, knits, taffeta, leather, and chiffon. If you're unsure if your garment can be branded, don't worry. Before sending it to brand headquarters, we will review it and either approve or deny it based on specific qualifications. This guide is merely to help you determine which items are suitable candidates.

Fabric Guide

Easy to Embroider:

Fabrics to Avoid:


✅ Easy-to-cover sized logo for a light cotton T-shirt

✅ small logo that can be directly embroidered

✅ Despite its less-than-ideal fabric, this brand can still be covered due to its small footprint

✅ Despite its large sized brand, this denim jacket is easy to cover because of its fabric

✅ This brand logo could easily be covered partially or entirely

Not Suitable

 ❌ This fabric is too stretchy for embroidery

❌ The logo is too large to cover on a light cotton shirt

❌ There are far too many logos to be covered on this shirt

❌ We are currently unable to embroider logos of this size on the arms of garments