David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz with Tom Warren Self-Portrait of David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz Tom Warren Collaboration 1983/85 © Tom Warren

"The work that anybody does as an artist—if it doesn't reflect resistance then they're helping a system of control become more perfect."

— David Wojnarowicz


David Wojnarowicz (VOY-nə-ROH-vitch) (1954-1992) was a prominent American artist and activist known for his diverse body of work, including painting, photography, writing, filmmaking, and performance art. Gaining prominence in the 1980s, his art addressed themes of sexuality, politics, and the human condition, while also exploring broader societal issues and complexities of the human experience. As a key figure in the East Village art scene, Wojnarowicz's art was characterized by its raw, emotive, and often controversial nature. Despite passing away in 1992 due to complications from AIDS, his work continues to be celebrated for its social, political impact, and contributions to contemporary art. To learn more about this remarkable artist, visit The David Wojnarowicz Foundation.


At BRANDrip, we strive to experiment with branding in a way that transcends traditional norms. Drawing inspiration from David Wojnarowicz's legacy, we focus on creativity that embraces resistance and authenticity.

Our goal is to develop a redirective object through clothing, honoring the artist's legacy and activism. By embodying Wojnarowicz's strong sense of social justice and dedication to challenging systemic oppression, we aim to contribute to his significant work.

If you want to be part of this unique project and contribute to an object that celebrates the life and work of an artist who fought against limiting systems of control, then please send us your clothing.


This extremely limited collection showcases a select range of designs, which are subject to change. Due to the exclusivity of the overall collection and individual designs, availability may vary.

Wojnarowicz, David. "Fuck You Faggot Fucker" 1984, collage, acrylic and four black-and-white photographs on Masonite

"To make someone die of a virus you first have to dehumanize them. You have to lower them into the animal kingdom and they have to be more animal than human. And that’s how certain political powers, states and institutions operate with certain groups of people." 

— David Wojnarowicz

Wojnarowicz, David, Peter Hujar's AIDS Diagnosis Letter

Wojnarowicz, David "Abandoned Car with Wojnarowicz's stencils" (1981-1982)

"Julie Hair had a box of international symbols in stencil form. I thought, Oh, we should do stencils that they forgot, such as burning houses. You know, images of resistance or violence. They never make international symbols like that, so let’s develop the burning house, a falling man, the target-face person, and little soldiers."

— David Wojnarowicz

Wojnarowicz, David. "Bull Painting on Abandoned Pier." n.d., mural, New York City, NY.

 “a cow exploding with fear”

— David Wojnarowicz

Wojnarowicz, David. “Gagging Cow on Berlin Wall” (ca. 1984)

Andreas Sterzing, David Wojnarowicz (Silence = Death), 1989 © Andreas Sterzing

"I think what I really fear about death is the silencing of my voice. I feel this incredible pressure to leave something of myself behind... My work has been one long scream, one long statement of trying to reach another human being." 

- David Wojnarowicz

Wojnarowicz, David. Untitled (Face in Dirt). 1992-93.

"I am the face beneath the sand still breathing while day pulls down from the sky, and I leaned back thinking he should have guaranteed entrance into heaven."

— David Wojnarowicz